You've spent so many years pouring yourself into your family and career. And your life is good, really good. But inside you're craving more. You know you were made for more but you don't know what that is. Grab these journal prompts to help you  rediscover who you are and learn more about what you want in this season of your life. Understanding these things will help you design a life that excites you and helps you create your unique path forward.

THE Features

Learn the art of becoming you by rediscovering who you are

01. One self discovery journal prompt for each day of the month 

02.  A simple explanation for how to create a journaling practice that works for you

03. 31 journal prompts specifically designed to help you let go of the expectations of who you think you should be and embrace more of who you are



I'm passionate about helping women reconnect with themselves, discover what they really want, and design lives that light their souls on fire.

I'm Katrina.

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